30 Short-Term Financial Goals To Crush This 2023


Do you have  any goals that you want to achieve this coming year?

Here are short-term financial goals to help you reach  your dreams.

1. Take A No-Spend Challenge

If it is hard for you to stick to a budget or have money left at the end of the month, try a no-spend challenge.

2. Check Your Investment Accounts

Are you currently investing? If you have taken steps to invest your money, it is time to review and check your accounts.

3. Know Your Net Worth

When you know your net worth, you know where you stand financially at this  very moment.

4. Save 20% Of  Your Income

It is not about meeting this goal, whatever it takes. It is about changing your financial habits and making sure that you save money every month.

The principle of debt payoff is that you can use the freed money to pay off your next debt when you pay off one debt.

5. Payoff A Debt


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