Don’t Let Your Self Worth Affect Your Net Worth

For most people, it’s our nature to want to be liked and accepted. What is also in our nature is comparing yourself to others.

What did we do? We tied self-worth to net-worth, resulting in judging the value of our lives based on how much we own.

Money is not the most valuable thing in the world, time is. When you are giving away your time to a person, you will be of most value to them.

Realize That Time Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Building further on the previous point, you need to focus on things unrelated to money. What things are unrelated to money, that make you feel good?

Focus On Things Unrelated To Money

Also, realize that you are different from everybody else and that’s exactly what’s making you valuable.

You Are Unique

When you realize that you’re unique, you should also embrace your imperfections. No one on this entire planet is perfect.

Embrace Your Imperfections

Once you’ve realized what the things are that make you feel valuable and unique, create more of this in your life.

Know Yourself