11 Holiday Seasonal Jobs  To Earn  Extra Money

If you’re looking for a way to bring in more income, seasonal jobs are a great way to do it. This is especially true if it’s the holiday season and you want to stay out of debt but still spend money.

Best Seasonal Jobs This Holiday Season

1. Holiday Driver

Consider applying to be a holiday driver if you don’t mind fighting traffic and hustle packages  to doorsteps.

2. Social Media Marketer

The holiday season is a great time to pick up a few clients who need social media marketing help.

3. Freelance Photographer

Whether you work for a photography company or set up your own gig, people will pay you to take pictures.

4. Personal Shopper

Do you love to shop only when it’s other people’s money? Apply to be a personal shopper.

5. Retail Associate

Many stores hire cashiers, sales personnel, and stock employees.