RSP Vs. SPY: What’s Right  For You? [Comparing ETFs]


Investing your money is a no-brainer when determining how you would achieve your financial plans. Let’s learn about two widely used and traded funds by investors nowadays – RSP vs. SPY.

The management style of RSP is passive when tracking the performance of the underlying index. It takes all the stocks of the S&P 500 and weighs them equally.

SPY is the biggest ETF in the world and tracks the S&P 500. The fund is sponsored by SPDR Services LC, a subsidiary of the American Stock Exchange LLC.

Both RSP and SPY are US Stocks large blend funds. This means they both invest in almost the same investment.

At 0.20%, the expense ratio of RSP is higher than that of SPY, which is 0.09%.

If you prefer more growth, you may want to go with RSP. Otherwise, you may want to stay with SPY and pay a lower fee.