Right-Hand Itching: What Your Right Hand May Be Trying To Tell You

If you believe in superstitions, try your luck since an itching hand supposedly means that money is coming to you.

Origin Of The Meaning Of Right-Hand Itching

One popular belief is that if your right-hand itches, you will soon receive money, while an itchy left-hand means losing money.

It is believed that the notion that only an itchy right hand indicates the arrival of wealth can be traced back to the fortune-telling practices of the Romany people.

This belief is rooted in ancient Chinese culture, where the right hand is considered more auspicious and associated with positive energy, luck, and wealth.

Chinese Culture: The Auspicious Right Hand

An itchy left palm, however, is seen as a sign that you will soon say goodbye to someone important to you.

African Beliefs: Handshakes and Farewells

For instance, if a man’s right palm itches, he will gain money, but for a woman, it means she will spend money.

Indian Customs: Gender Distinctions