Right Hand Itching: What Does It Mean For You?

An itchy hand can happen for several reasons. Still, somehow, if our right hand is the one itching, we immediately think of superstitions related to it.

Interpretations can vary across cultures, and in some superstitions, an itchy right hand can mean good or bad luck, depending on the gender of the person.

What To Do When My Right Hand Is Itching?

Since an itching right hand could either mean good or bad luck, the best thing to do is avoid unnecessary spending.

What To Do When My Right Hand Is Itching?

If you want to counter the bad omen brought by your itching right hand, then you must rub it on a wooden surface (bookshelf or a table).

What To Do When My Right Hand Is Itching?

Although generally speaking, you must try to resist the urge to scratch any itch in the body as it can cause damage to your skin.

Origin Of The Right  Hand Itching 

The remedy for an itching right hand was to rub it on silver, and eventually became a superstitious belief where it is a sign that you will receive money.

Itching Hand For Men  And Women

For women, right hand itching indicates bad luck because it means they are about to lose money. Meanwhile, when men have itching right hands, they will  attract wealth.