Unleash Your Potential: How Employers Keep Top Talent

Assembly has compiled a list of strategies for retaining top talent from leading talent firms like Robert Half, trusted sources including Gallup polling and Harvard Business Review

Learn about how the top employers ensure they keep their most valued employees around.

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1. Recognizing Employee Contributions

Regular positive reinforcement, beyond just scheduled performance reviews or standout achievements, shows employees that their jobs are important

2. Maintaining Workplace Flexibility

Flexible hours and remote work are two in-demand opportunities that you might be able to take advantage of, depending on your firm’s operations.

3. Giving Attention To Struggling Workers

Doing so can help employees see a clear future at the company, learn about opportunities available to them, and identify strategies to improve performance.

4. Pulling Trends Out Of Exit Interviews

Start asking talent that is leaving your company why they are doing so and what changes they think can prevent similar exits.

5. Offering Avenues For Development

Consistent opportunities for education show talent that long-term tenure at a company is their best chance at professional success.