5 Reasons Your Doctor Has A  Side Hustle


Your doctor spent at least 11 years in post-secondary education to be in a position to take care of you.

When their main jobs pay so well and take up so much of their time, are medical doctors turning to side hustles as a supplement to their day (and night) jobs as physicians?

Here are some reasons as to why doctors have a side hustle..

1. Doctors Are Deep In Debt About 71% of them has around $200,000 in student loan debt when finishing medical school.

2. Many physicians have felt the calling to heal from an early age, but quite a few that came to that choice in a more roundabout way.

3. Doctors that pursue a side hustle primarily to open a new retirement account and perhaps to pave the way for backdoor Roth contributions may do something small  and simple for  their business.

Do not be surprised or alarmed when you learn that your doctor has a side hustle. She may just be fast-tracking her debt payoff, pursuing a passion project, or setting new goals.