12 Reasons Why My Debit Card Declined [& How To Fix It]

Why is my debit card declined? That’s something many people ask themselves. I know that having your debit card declined can be very frustrating and embarrassing.

We will look into different reasons why your debit card declined and we will also discuss how to avoid this from happening in the future. These are many reasons why your debit card got declined, we’ll get into all of them.

This can happen when you’re not tracking money going in or out of your account. FIX: Know what is going in and going out. Mobile banking can show you your debit card account balance in a few seconds.

Insufficient Funds

If you have sufficient funds on your account, a wrong PIN number may be why your debit card gets declined. FIX: Memorize your PIN and know which PIN is for which debit card. That way you will avoid entering the wrong one.

Incorrect PIN Entry

Most financial institutions have a daily withdrawal limit or daily spending limit on your account. This is to help protect your funds FIX: When you plan to make a lot of big purchases in a day, make sure you know what the daily withdrawal limit is.

Reaching Your Daily Withdrawal Limit

If you try to complete a transaction with an expired card, it will be declined. You can’t make any purchases with it. FIX: In case your bank doesn’t send you a new debit card automatically, make sure to keep track of when your card expires. Ask for your replacement debit card well in advance.

Card Is Expired

When you’re shopping online, it can be the case that you’re entered information doesn’t match your personal details – like the name or address of the card. FIX: If your personal information has changed, make sure that you head over to your bank account and update it.

Entered Information Doesn’t Match Personal Details

Most banks have the right to decline your transactions when they are noticing something suspicious. This can include spending more than normal. FIX: When you are planning to make a big purchase, notify your bank in advance. They can preauthorize the transaction.

Suspicious Transaction

This can also mean someone can access your card and use it internationally. To prevent this, banks can block international purchases to prevent fraud. FIX: Inform your bank when you’re making a purchase or trip overseas so that they won’t flag your transactions.

International Purchase

There could be a technical issue when they’re trying to process the payment with your debit card, even when all else is okay. FIX: There are a couple of sure things you can do: try again later, try at another counter or terminal, or wait until the systems are back up.

Technical Issues