5 Reasons To Break The Money Taboo

So many people don’t have enough reference points to see that where they are currently standing is a normal situation. That’s where you can seek support or feel relief to know that others are in the same situation.

I’ve made five advantages to break the money taboo and talk about money in public and private situations. I’ve worked hard on my money mindset over the last years through money affirmations and meditation, and want to share my lessons with you.

It Helps You Grow

Firstly, it’s important to also know how to have hard conversations. Many of us want to talk about money – do it! It will only teach you skills on how to talk about money better in the future.

It Helps Your Wallet

That brings me to my next point – breaking the money taboo for sure helps your wallet! If talking about money is taboo and you’re avoiding the subject, you will forever stay in the dark.

It Strengthens Your Relationships

When you do talk about money, it strengthens your relationships. It enables you to find common ground, you can talk about what you have learned from your situation, and you can help each other out in figuring out financial management.

It Changes Your Money Attitude

Changing your negative talk about money into positive talk will change your money attitude. Your money attitude can, and will, affect your money decisions.

Be The First

When someone is having negative financial self-talk, it’s important to show the other that you understand. When someone shows empathy, it’s easier to receive their advice.