8 Real-Life Applications For Math Equations You Learned In High School

Math can be a polarizing subject, especially among high school students who don’t think they’ll ever use it again after graduation.

Here's a list of the real-life uses for math equations, compiling resources from universities, national agencies, and online  learning platforms.

Pythagorean Theorem For Architectural Design

The Pythagorean theorem has many practical, real-world applications and is used regularly in architectural design.

Sine And Cosine Functions

The functions serve an important role in both space and aircraft flights and are used by aerospace engineers at institutions  like NASA.

Logarithms For Measuring PH

Measuring pH is important when it comes to measuring the acidity in everyday substances such as water and soil.

Probability Equations For Disaster Risk

Probability equations serve an important purpose when it comes to evaluating disaster risk.

Exponential Functions

The use of exponential functions is important to science as it can help track the growth of diseases  and viruses.