23 Best  Rapper Quotes About Money 


Do you enjoy rap music and rap songs? Let’s do something fun today and go over the  best rapper quotes  about money.

Let’s look at some rap lyrics about money and some rap quotes about money.

1. “I Started From The Bottom, And Now I’m Rich. I Got In My Bag And I Ain’t Looked Back Since” – Iggy Azalea

2. “They Say Time Is Money, But Really, It’s Not. If We Ever Go Broke, Time Is All We Got” J Cole

3. “Some People Are So Poor, All They Have Is Money”- Chance The Rapper

4. “I Won’t Buy It Until I Can Buy It Twice.” – Jay-Z

If you can’t afford something, save for it a little longer or don’t buy it. Don’t stretch yourself so far that there is no way back.

5. “I Tried To Pay Attention, But Attention Paid Me”- Lil Wayne

Pay attention to the things you could do, the things you could learn, and the things you could produce.