65 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas

Random acts of kindness can have a GREAT impact on others and they make your soul sing.

It doesn’t matter whether your gesture is big or small. Every act goes a long way! A gesture that is small for you, can make someone’s day and change how they are feeling completely.

Smile and say hi to everyone you see

I love to do this, I do this with almost everyone I see. It’s so great when someone is feeling friendly and does it back.

Bring food to share at work

Everyone loves snacks during the day!

Compliment others

This one is so simple and yet so effective. Simply say nice words to someone and you will make their day.

Hold the door open for someone

It’s so simple yet effective. It doesn’t take any time and it could make someone’s entire day. Instead of thinking it, say it.

Do a chore for your spouse

This can be anything that your partner doesn’t like to do. It could include cleaning your home, taking out the trash, doing the dishes, preparing a lovely meal, or anything else that you can come up with.

Pick up trash along your walk

Take a trash bag on your walk and collect anything that doesn’t belong.

Leave a big tip

When you’ve had a great meal, it will give you a great feeling to give a big tip.

Leave a nice note on your receipt

It just takes a little bit of effort, but I’m sure that it would be greatly appreciated.

Pay for someone’s bill

This may mean paying for coffee, food, groceries, or some other bill. If you quit caffeine, decaf or tea will do as well. I often see online that people are so happy when someone paid a small bill for them, worth a few dollars!