The Amazing Power Of The Radical 10X Rule


Do you want to know how you can drastically increase your results by applying the  10X technique?

The 10X Rule is a book by Grand Cardone, that talks about the level of targets and the level of effort that it will take you  to succeed.

The 10X rule states: whatever goal you want to achieve, account  for 10X the effort  you suspect.

If you want to get ahead of the game in your career, for example, don’t be distracted by things like your email and the internal messaging system.

Life is not an unlimited series of “and”. Every decision is a trade-off against another decision, so  choose wisely.

How can I make decisions that yield 10X of the results? It’s simple, but not easy: eliminate that  what’s wasteful.

Top achievers don’t copy or compete, they dominate and set  the pace. Focus on abundance, don’t think in either-or but in  and everything.