QQQ Vs. VOOG – Which Of The Two Should You Buy?

Do you need to add more investment products to your portfolio? But how can you be sure which one to add?

Two of the most popular ETFs that track indices in the major markets are QQQ and VOOG. Both of these funds trade in the US market.

QQQ is among the most stable and actively-traded ETFs in the world. Commonly referred to as Triple Q, it has the structure of a unit investment trust.

QQQ: Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1

VOOG: Vanguard S&P 500 Growth Index Fund ETF

The goal of VOOG  is to measure the performance of its benchmark index that tracks the performance of the large-capitalization growth stocks in the US.

QQQ Vs. VOOG:  Key Similarities

– Both are ETFs – They have an almost similar performance over the long-term – They focus on the growth companies

QQQ Vs. VOOG:  Key Differences

QQQ is a product of Invesco, while VOOG is a Vanguard product. VOOG focuses on growth companies. It has a price-earning ratio that is 34.2 times higher than QQQ.

QQQ Vs. VOOG: Performance Difference

In the last 10 years, QQQ and VOOG had almost similar performances. However, QQQ ended up beating VOOG annually.