QQQ Vs. SPY: Which Is  The Better  ETF Investment?


QQQ and SPY are popular funds among investors. Plus, recently, the stock prices for these two different funds have both been performing well, making the decision even  more complex.

We will be describing each one’s important features, analyzing the similarities and differences between them, and offering our best recommendations on ETF investing.

QQQ facilitates access to several pioneering and innovative companies, including top tech concerns like Tesla, Nvidia, Microsoft, and the famous FAANG stocks.

SPY is an ETF by the State Street Global Advisors Trust Company. Tracking the S&P 500 Index, it has 506 stocks in total.

QQQ tracks the NASDAQ 100 Index, while SPY tracks the S&P  500 Index.

Fees The expense ratio of QQQ is 0.2%, while the expense ratio of SPY is more low-cost at 0.09%.

In the final analysis–QQQ vs. SPY?–the choice is yours. Before investing, ask yourself: what are your investment objectives?