QCLN Vs. ICLN – A Comparison  Of Two Clean Energy ETFs


Energy Exchange-Traded Funds are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio. Here’s the in-depth comparison of QCLN vs. ICLN.

QCLN focuses more on green energy companies listed in the Nasdaq Index, while ICLN focuses on clean energy companies listed on the S&P 500.

QCLN tracks only publicly traded companies in the US stock market, ICLN has a global scope as it tracks US and  non-US stocks.

QCLN has a higher expense ratio of 0.60% than ICLN’S ratio  of 0.46%.

If you are familiar with the expense ratio of funds, you will notice that these ETFs have higher expenses. However, they don’t just copy an index like many other index funds do.

Remember that investing is always risky. But with the proper research and study, you will be able to mitigate that risk and reach financial independence