QCLN Vs. ICLN – A Comparison Of Two Clean Energy ETFs

QCLN vs. ICLN are two energy-based ETFs that are very popular securities for long-term investors.

If you are interested in investing in Green Securities, like some people like to call them, QCLN and ICLN are two popular ETFs you might want to look at.

QCLN invests in green energy stocks that can produce results that will generally replicate the yield and price of the Nasdaq Liquid Series Equity Index.

QCLN: First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy  Index Fund

ICLN: IShares Global Clean Energy ETF

Issued by iShares, ICLN is another energy-based ETF with a vast circulation ratio.

QCLN Vs. ICLN:  Key Differences

While QCLN tracks only publicly traded companies in the US stock market, ICLN has a global scope as it tracks US and non-US stocks.


For First Trust’s QCLN, the management fee is 0.60%. For ICLN, the management fee is 0.46%.