Do you want to get the attention of recruiters with your resume? What is a resume actually for? 

Here you’ll learn all about what a resume is, the purpose of a resume, and tips to build one.

A resume is that very introductory document letting your possible employer know of all your accomplishments. You can show them how awesome you are!

With the average recruiter only looking at your resume for 7 seconds, you need to convince them immediately. Let’s go over some of the key components of your resume.

Your resume should start with a brief introduction to yourself. Summarize what you will add to the company. It's like an elevator pitch that you can use to convince the hiring manager.

Only 2% of resumes end up at an interview, so make a good impression. While writing your summary, emphasize your accomplishments and bring up your skills that would benefit the business.

Emphasize your specific accomplishments and what you’ve added to the companies you've worked at. Remember, 7 seconds is all you got. Make them count.

Dive into your qualifications, and then talk about your accomplishments and certifications. As most jobs have a minimum education level, it’s crucial to mention it.

In this section, go over the skills and abilities crucial or complementary to the job. These tips can boost your chances of landing a job by up to 60%.