Property And Casualty Insurance – A Complete Guide


There are many insurance policies within the property and casualty insurance realm, each with its own vocabulary.

Understanding the different types of property and casualty insurance can limit the number of many causes of catastrophic  financial loss.

This post will talk about the most important types of property and casualty insurance for small businesses and  side hustles.

1. Businessowners Insurance Some small businesses buy a package policy, called a business owners policy (BOP), to cover their vehicle, liability, and property exposures.

2. Property Property coverage protects against a long list of perils, including fire, hurricane, tornado, vandalism, and theft.

3. Umbrella An umbrella policy usually protects you against liability claims not covered by the underlying policies, such as libel  and slander.

If you are new to buying insurance for your business or your business has unique exposures, I suggest a direct writer, insurance broker, or  insurance agent.