5 Major Problems Of Investing In Cryptocurrency

Do you want to invest in Bitcoin or other virtual currencies? Think about it and try to understand it before you dive in.

There are many problems with investing in cryptocurrency, of which we will dive into the five major problems here.

When you’re investing in an asset, you want to know the underlying fundamentals. Only then you can know what the value of the asset is.

1. Cryptocurrencies Are Not Tied To Fundamentals

2. Cryptocurrencies Are Very Volatile

Cryptocurrency can go up and down double digits every day. You have to be ready for that emotionally, otherwise,  it will be one  big rollercoaster.

3. Cryptocurrencies Are Still Unregulated

Since cryptocurrencies are so unregulated, there is nothing the authorities can do if fraud occurs.

Normally, people are being highly anonymous and you don’t know who is behind the public key.

4. Cryptocurrencies Are Too Anonymous

5. Cryptocurrencies Are Not Environmentally Sustainable