Portugal Vs. Turkey: Your Dream European Getaway Awaits

Portugal and Turkey are popular travel destinations worldwide and offer travelers a fantastic range of European culture, history, sites, and cuisine.

We have shared all the details and secret tips you need to know to help you answer an important question this year: Would you rather travel to Portugal  or Turkey?

Portugal is every traveler’s dream besides being one of the shortest flights you can take from North America to Europe.


Pre-pandemic, Turkey was the 6th most visited country on Earth, with over 50 million  tourist arrivals.


You do not need a visa to enter Portugal if you are a U.S. citizen. On the other hand, Turkey requires a tourist visa for American citizens.

Entry Visa Requirements

Most of Portugal is on the Atlantic coast. The weather is moderate year-round. Turkey in general, summers are hot and sunny across the board.

Weather In Portugal And Turkey

- Algarve - Porto - Lisbon

Cities Or Regions You Must Visit  In Portugal

- Istanbul - Antalya - Cappadocia

Cities Or Regions You Must Visit  In Turkey