Paying Yourself First – Save More Money & Grow Your Wealth


Paying yourself first is one of the basic personal financial rules that many will tell you to follow and consider. However, it’s a bit hard and challenging to actually follow through.

If you have a hard time saving, paying yourself first could be the ultimate hack to start saving more!

If you are getting into the habit of paying yourself first, this will bring you so much! How do you put it into practice?

1. Open a (high-interest) savings account where you automatically transfer the money the moment you receive your paycheck.

2. Try to use another bank when you open a new online savings account. For some, it helps to have the money not readily available.

3. Set up an automatic transfer for as much as possible. If you have a budget, transfer money from saving to checking on a weekly or  monthly basis.

If you want to check whether it works for you, please start making these smart money moves for yourself.