Paying Yourself First – Save More Money & Grow Your Wealth

Paying yourself first may make your way toward your ideal life simpler, faster, and more attainable.

When you don’t keep a budget and payday comes, your money may only go to your bills and zeroes out your account before you can even pay yourself.

There are ways to build up the habit over time and take the first steps toward your financial goals.

Begin With Free Money, Your Employer’s Retirement Plan

If you want to pay yourself first and increase the amount you save every month, starting with your employer’s retirement program would be wise. When your employer offers a retirement plan, enroll.

Start Where You Are

Start with what you can at this moment in time. Start with $50 per month and see how that goes. Evaluate after a month.

Increase Your Earnings

Start a side hustle. Popular side hustle ideas include flipping things for profit, testing websites (this pays very well), starting a blog (my favorite), or becoming a transcriptionist.

Reduce Your Spending

Living stingy is not bad after all since you will be giving much more importance to the things that you really need rather than spending on stuff that you don’t really need.