Pay Off Debt Or Invest – Which One Fits You?


Paying off debt might be the most important thing for you right now. But where does investing fit in  your plan?

How do you budget your money between paying off debt and investing your income to earn more money?

But if you want to pay off debt or invest, you need to have a budget. you would be able to track your expenses and know where your money  is going.

If your interest rate is high, you probably want to pay off your debt quicker. With a high-interest rate, it will just keep piling up.

If having debt makes you stressed out, putting as much as you can towards your debt will make your life  much lighter.

Whether or not you’re paying off debt, you should have an emergency fund. You simply never know when you will have  an emergency.

So for you to know to pay off debt or invest, you need to know first what you want in life and where you are  in your life.