The Secret on How to Sell Your Junk Car Without a Title

It is illegal to attempt to sell a car without a title. However, as long as the reason for the lack of a title is legitimate, you will still be able to sell your vehicle.

There are a few selling options when attempting to sell a car with no title.

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If the vehicle’s title is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can contact your local DMV and request a new one.

Step One: Request A Replacement Title

Some states offer alternative ways to title a vehicle if it is abandoned.

Step Two: Explore Local Exemptions Or Other Titling Options

Notarizing the bill will give the new buyer a sense of security that the information provided about the vehicle is legitimate.

Step Three: Have Your Bill Of Sale Notarized

Step Four: Explore Alternative Selling Options

Sometimes, selling your used vehicle to another individual isn’t possible. Salvage yards may buy your vehicle from you if you provide proof of ownership.

If you cannot obtain a title for the vehicle, which could happen with older project cars, be upfront and honest with any potential buyers

Step Five: Be Honest With Potential Buyers


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