Unpopular Opinion: These Popular Music Artists Are Overrated And Here’s Why

Have you ever listened to a popular singer on the radio, only to be left questioning how they got famous in the  first place?

On a community site, people discussed the prompt: “Who is the most overrated music artist?”

1. Drake

Many argued that his repetitive tone and generic delivery made him “way overrated.

2. DJ Khaled

Someone wrote that DJ Khaled gained popularity by featuring megastars in his songs, making him famous by association.

3. Beyoncé

A few users suspect that she wouldn’t have been as highly lauded if not for the support of her husband, Jay-Z, an undeniably powerful industry executive.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Several users pointed out that she profits off of ghost singers, which is quite shady for someone who took home multiple trophies at big award ceremonies.

5. Justin Bieber

He knows whatever he does will sell, so he knows he doesn’t have to try that hard.