13 Statements That Are Outdated Financial Advice

Technology is changing, societal values are shifting, and financial markets are evolving. With this changing world around us, it would only make sense for financial advice to change too.

The changing economy and the changing financial systems may be making some of that advice outdated and  downright wrong. Here is some outdated financial advice to rethink.


Well, that largely depends on your situation. If you’re buying a home, you need to put a lot down. Real estate agent fees, taxes, advisory fees, and more.

Buying Is Better Than Renting


For the US real estate market they tested for home renovation projects and they found that zero home renovations had a positive return on investment.

Your House Is An Investment


I agree that not all debt is created equal, but generally, student loan debts are still a burden.

Student Loans Are Good Debt


While it can be great to rent an apartment and pay off your student loans first, it should be possible to buy a house while having student loans.

First Pay Off Your Student Loans, Then Buy A Home


Think about your risk appetite and the general market returns (7%) versus your mortgage interest rate. Don’t  blindly pay off your mortgage early.

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

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