Optimize On-Page Factors To Boost Your Rankings

The goal of any website is to optimize the user’s experience for their searches. On-page optimization is a component of search engine optimization (SEO), which refers to the increase of technical, content-related, and structural aspects of a website.

Technical aspects of on-page optimization are very important, as they have a great effect on the user experience.

To have a positive loading experience from the very beginning, one should make sure to choose a good hosting provider, like IONOS.


The closer the keyword is to the domain name of a website, the better the ranking of the subpage. Keywords and their position in a URL are no longer relevant for its ranking.

URL And Website Structure

The actual content is found on a website, which is where on-page optimization takes place as part of content optimization – including the use of synonyms, file names of images, structural elements like using bold and italic and heading tag for better capture of the heading structure.

HTML Body And Text

Internal links offer a great possibility to optimize subpages in a target-oriented manner. Since there are no spam filters for internal links, the anchor tags can be linked with the main keyword of the target page.

Internal Links

A very important area is the constant improvement of the website content. This does not only include the texts, but also images and videos. The content should be unique and satisfy the search needs of the target group.