ONEQ Vs. QQQ: A Comparison Of Two Popular ETFs

Let’s take some time to learn more about two popular choices that you can consider as part of your investment strategy – ONEQ vs. QQQ.

As there is so much financial advice out there, let’s deep dive into a specific type of fund that may help your choice easier.

ONEQ and QQQ are both ETFs that are US stock large growth funds. This means that they both invest in almost  similar investments.

ONEQ’s goal is to provide results similar to the yield of the NASDAQ Composite Index.

QQQ seeks to provide investment results corresponding with the NASDAQ-100 index.

The 5-years return of QQQ has been better than ONEQ (26.83% vs. 24.24%). However, the performance of QQQ over the years has also been great.

The two funds are US stocks large growth funds, and therefore, it’s best to invest in one of them but not both.