ONEQ Vs. QQQ: A Comparison Of Two Popular ETFs


Looking for your next investment? Let’s deep dive into a specific type of fund that may help your choice easier - ONEQ vs. QQQ.

ONEQ is usually a game of growth. It usually has a higher P/E and P/B ratio while paying low dividends.

QQQ consists of the top 100 key NASDAQ stocks in the investor’s one trade portfolio. But the best part is that it doesn’t consider financial companies.

The QQQ fund mostly consists of technology and communication stocks. They account for over 2/3 of the index.

The expense ratio of ONEQ is 0.21% while QQQ is 0.20%.

For investors searching for a high-growth stock with huge potential, they should go for QQQ. If you want to increase the mid and micro companies in your portfolio, you might want to consider ONEQ.

Choose which one you should select. And this depends on what is your current financial situation, your financial goals, and the level of risk you want to take.