Where To Find Odd Jobs Near Me That  Pay Well

Finding odd jobs online is one of the fastest ways to make extra cash. Some odd jobs might require you to be a little open-minded and have a desire to try something new. 

Here are the odd jobs you can find near your location.

A soap boiler’s average hourly wage ranges between $19-$22. This job suits applicant who are high school graduates and those looking for a part-time job.

1. Soap Boiler

An average salary of an elevator inspector is between $44,000 – $81,000.

2. Elevator Inspector

An ice cream taster is a real gig that pays real money. An average salary of an ice cream taster ranges from $35,000 annual salary to $97,000.

3. Ice Cream Taster

To become a crime scene cleaner, you must have a high school diploma but not require any experience. An average salary of a crime scene cleaner is around $27,000 – $61,500.

4. Crime Scene Cleaner

Working as a body painter, you will have a wide array of creativity and an artistic hand. Your job lies in making art such as a flag, flowers, butterflies, logos,  and more.

5. . Body Painter