Are You Normalizing These 10 Harmful Behaviors Without Even Realizing It?

I recently saw this question online, “What’s something people should stop normalizing?”

Are you thinking of something you thought wasn’t? Here are the top-voted responses.

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Capturing memories to relive forever is not the same as trying to profit off the innocence of a child.

1. Filming Your Kids  For Content

While the intention may be to increase safety for the driver, it can actually have a detrimental effect on other drivers on  the road.

2. The Low-Beam Headlights Of Cars

Some individuals prioritize their work over their health, leading to hospitalization and burnout in  this case.

3. Killing Yourself For A Job

Many people in this thread agreed that the workers should have a livable wage paid by their employer and that tipping is for those who go above and beyond.

4. Tipping Staff

Some added that people often need to feel superior, and looking down on others became the thing to do.

5. Treating Workers In General Like Trash


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