Nibble Finance Review – Earn 14.5% Return [Is It Legit?]

Do you want to make money with peer-to-peer lending? What platforms are the best for this purpose?

Nibble Finance is a relatively new peer-to-peer platform, launched in early 2020. Nibble is part of the IT Smart Finance Group, which has been around since 2014.

What Is Nibble Finance?

IT Smart Finance is Nibble Finance’s parent company. It is a fintech finance group  that is bringing  fintech solutions to emerging markets.

What Is IT Smart Finance?

How Does Nibble Work?

With the Nibble platform, you can start investing from just €10. Payments can be made to the system by credit card or by SEPA transfer.

When you invest in the loans, Nibble uses a group guarantee as a Buyback guarantee.

Buyback Guarantee

You should be aware that Nibble is a fully automated platform. Nibble only offers automatic investing based on the criteria that you set.

Investing On The Nibble Platform

At this moment, Nibble does not offer a secondary market in the traditional sense. However, you can have an early termination of the investment agreement and get your funds back.

Secondary Market

Nibble Finance Review – Earn 14.5% Return [Is It Legit?]