11 Great   New Year’s Money Moves

As the new year is here, you may be wondering: what should my new year’s money  moves be?

After a month of spending on buying gifts for family and friends – we’ve had enough. We can’t wait to get the finances in order and start the new year with a clean slate.

In order to make next year your best financial year yet, here are great new year’s money moves for the coming year!

Invest Your Money

If you’re pursuing financial independence and retire early (FIRE), starting with investing is one of the most important things to do.


Start Your Side Hustle

If you haven’t started a side hustle yet, today is the day to start! There is something for everyone!


Start Building Passive Income

Besides side hustles, I’m a big fan of passive income. Everything that is passive has my preference.


Resist Lifestyle Inflation

We want to resist lifestyle inflation so we can bank our raises and extra income. One effective way to do that is to cut down on unnecessary expenses.


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