Why You Never Have Enough Time (+ What To Do About It)

Are you wondering why you never have enough time? You need to work 50-60 hours per week, work out, eat healthy, have a social life, read, spend time with your family, do fun things, go out to eat, and more.

When you’re working such a big amount of your waking life, there is this pressure to spend the precious hours outside of work effectively. You need to be productive.

Perceived Lack Of Time

People who have the feeling that they are overworked, could change their habits and spend fewer hours on specific tasks to prevent getting overwhelmed.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Measure throughout the week what you’re spending your time on and how you want to spend it. Simply carry a sheet of paper with you where you will note what you’re doing throughout the day in 15-minute increments.

Set Your Priorities Straight

You need to ask yourself before actually starting a task “is this my highest priority at this moment?”. Go from high priority to lower priority, getting the most productive use of your time.

Set Up A Daily Routine

In order to assist you with spending your time aligned with your priorities, you should think about setting up a daily routine.