My 11 Step Simple Monthly Money Routine

Do you check your personal finances, income, and expenses at the end of the month?

Check this monthly money routine out and personalize it for your own specific situation when you want to.

I check how much I spend in each category and I evaluate what went well and which expenses I should put more attention to.

1. Track My Job Income And Expenses

When I’m traveling or buying things online and I’m using my card, I’m always checking if the card is charged right.

2. Check My Credit Cards

I note how much income I have gotten over the month and I calculate how much return  that has given  me annualized.

3. Check Passive Income Sources

Besides building up passive income, I am also building side hustle income. I add them all up and try to increase them month over month.

4. Check Side Hustle Income

I add them all together and I see how much is the gap between my monthly expenses and my income outside my job (side hustle income + passive income).

5. Compare Expenses With Income Outside Job

My 11 Step  Simple Monthly Money Routine