Simple 52 Week Money Saving Challenges [Save Money Fast]

The majority of people can’t cover a $400 emergency, that’s just a minor medical expense or a car repair. Most people can’t retire with enough money. Or pay cash for their car. Or afford their holiday.

At this point, everyone’s money journey is different. That’s why there are a couple of different 52-week money challenges lined up for you.

The thing you need to be successful at this challenge and to be motivated for this entire 52 weeks, is finding a method that works for your personal situation.

Regular Way

Start at week 1 and save money week by week, going down one of the helpful templates. Go through the weeks in order and after 52 weeks you will have your saving goal met.


When you want to do the heavy lifting early on in the challenge, this can be a great way for you to do that.


When you’re having an irregular income or you want to be free to choose, you can do the saving challenge randomly.