My 11 Step Simple Monthly Money Routine

This is the perfect time to go more into my monthly money routine and to see what I do on a monthly basis to maintain my personal finances.

This routine will help you to go through your finances and see have insight into where you currently are financially.

Check My Bank Accounts

I make an overview of how much money I hold in each account. This goes for my bank accounts, my long term savings accounts, and my broker accounts.

Invest My Money

Generally, I will invest much more in my brokerage account than in my peer-to-peer accounts, because of the risk associated with the peer-to-peer market.

Check How Far I Am In My FIRE Journey

When I have all that data, I am checking how far I am in my FIRE (financial independence retire early) journey. I have several metrics for that.

Check In On My Goals

I set yearly goals for myself. Things that I determined at the beginning of the year that I want to accomplish.