10 Money Habits Of Highly Effective Couples


There’s no handbook for how couples should manage their money effectively because, well, each couple wants different things out  of life.

Still, there are ways to grow your money together while  keeping arguments to  a minimum. 

Here are some habits that can help you become one of those couples that “have it together” when it comes to their money.

By creating buckets, for example, using the 50/30/20 rule, you can start effectively planning with your money rather than  just saving and  spending sporadically.

A money date should happen once a month at an agreed-upon time after the dishes are done and with a glass of wine or a comforting dinner.

Many schools of thought about how much to put aside, but a good rule of thumb is three to six months’ worth of shared expenses that keep the lights on.

Remind each other that you’re a team and that you’re here to support each other through thick and thin is the most important thing that successful couples can do, financially.