10 Money Habits Of Highly Effective Couples

Financial planning can be a source of frustration and friction when you have different attitudes toward saving and spending or aren’t sure where your money should be going.

Being a financially effective couple has nothing to do with being rich. It has to do with managing the money you have and allocating it effectively toward the things you value and want to do in life.

Automating your finances means that you don’t have to write yourself a note to manually transfer money into your joint account or bug the other to pay your bill.

Start Automating Your Finances

There’s no one way for couples to merge their finances. Take time to figure out what your money merge style is.

Start Understanding Your Money Merge Style

Taking a money personality test is a fun way to help you figure out your spending and saving style.

Get To Know Your Money Personalities

Automating your paycheck toward your emergency fund can make creating and growing it a lot easier.

Prepare For The Unexpected

Financial harmony comes from celebrating all the good that the other brings into the relationship and not harping on the things holding you back.

Find Things To Celebrate