Money Conversations You Need To Have Before Moving In With Your Partner

When you’re planning on moving in with your partner, there are important money conversations you need to have before moving in with your partner.

Moving in with someone requires some financial logistics to be arranged. You need to discuss who is paying which bills, who is responsible for what, and more.

Do We Share Our Stuff?

I mean, is everything that was once mine now ours? Is everything that was once yours now ours? It’s about the tangible things that are in the house, not including money. This is something to think about before moving in together.

What Will We Do If … ?

If you’re sharing things, what will happen after you stop being together? This is important for things like furniture and electronics, following the previous point. Will you share everything together yes or no?

Is The Money Going To Be Ours Too?

It’s important to think about if you’re going to join finances or not. It’s a very personal thing to think about and it will differ for everyone depending on their situation. If your partner makes a lot less, you can decide to pay more towards the fixed monthly payments.

How Will You Deal With Changes?

What if I lose my job? Or my partner can’t find a job after graduation? What if we need to move for work or someone can get a promotion abroad? All scenarios can happen. It’s extremely difficult to think about what you want to do when you’re not yet in the situation. It’s a good thing to discuss these matters a little in advance.

What Do You Value Spending Your Money On?

Before you’re moving in with your partner, it’s important to talk about what you value spending money on? It can significantly differ among people. One person loves to go on big holidays, the other likes to drive their dream car, wants to have a big space to live in, or likes to have the latest tech gadgets. It’s good to know what they value.