Money Conversations With Your Partner Before Moving  in Together

Did you have money conversations before moving in with your partner? I recommend you also have them just to know you’re on the same page.

Money Conversations With Your Partner

1. It’s important to think about if you’re going to join finances or not. It’s a very personal thing to think about and it will differ  for everyone depending on  their situation.

2. All scenarios can happen. It’s extremely difficult to think about what you want to do when you’re not yet in the situation. It’s a good thing to discuss these matters a little in advance.

3. It’s important to understand what they value and what is important to them. The habits they have around the things they value may have an impact on your joint life together.

4. You can address many questions in order to address where you both want to go. Relationships require a serious amount of honesty, openness,  and communication.