Top 10 Common Money Blocks And Effective Ways To Stop It

Are you always struggling with money and can’t figure out why? Perhaps you are suffering from  money blocks.

Top Common Money Blocks

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1. You Feel You Are Not Good Enough

The self-doubt may cause you to hold back and feel you do not deserve to earn as much.

2. You Have Negative Assumptions About Money

If you keep nurturing this thought process, you subconsciously condemn money and limit yourself from striving to improve your financial circumstances.

3. You Avoid Dealing With Money Due To Past Mistakes

4. You Think You Have To Work Harder To Make More Money

It only implies you must make wise financial decisions and be smart about your finances.

There is nothing wrong with being poor, but the mindset that there is nobility in poverty can be a significant money block if you lean too much into the belief.

5. There Is Honor  In Poverty