Money And Confidence As A Way To Living Your Best Life

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Let me elaborate. If you want to change your outer world, you have to start by changing your inner world.

If your goal is to “have a good amount of money so I can be confident about never having to work again if I choose to”, this is the place for you!

I never felt like I could be myself. Why? Because I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, I wasn’t confident. I needed other people to validate me, only then I would feel confident.

My Story About Money And Confidence

I was thinking that working these jobs and earning this money would make me more confident. That I would be more confident once I could buy more drinks for my friends.

Where Money Comes In

I learned that being liked should not be your top priority, freedom and happiness should be. If you’re being you, people will appreciate that more than anything.

Then It Shifted

Once you realize that your money will never be able to make up for your confidence, your life will completely change. Money should not try to make up for your lack of confidence.

Money Is Not The Problem

I met some great people who had the opposite money beliefs, they challenged mine and they make me aware that what I’m thinking is not based on anything substantial other than my own confidence level at that time.

Finding The Sweet Spot