Mistplay Review  – Playing Online Games &  Earn Rewards


Do you want to earn extra money online? Let's learn how to get quick cash while just playing games.

Let’s get an up-to-date Mistplay review to learn how to boost your income by playing  online games.

Mistplay allows its users to choose from the list of available games and earn rewards by playing free games.

The more points you earn, the more “units” you receive, which can then be turned into gift cards, Steam credit, and other incredible prizes.

Installing the Mistplay app requires you to change a few settings. You have to disable power-saving on your phone and let the app keep running in the background.

If you rarely play or use Mistplay, then don’t expect that you have earned much for your time gaming.

Mistplay cannot be a substitute for your full-time job, and it only provides points and lets you redeem your units for gift cards and prepaid cards.