Mintos Review – 12.02% Return After Two Years


Ready to start building on your passive income? In this Mintos review, you will learn on how you can build up your passive income through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.

Mintos is the biggest European P2P lending platform with over €6.9 BILLION invested. This money is divided among more than 424,000 investors from  62 countries.

The great thing about Mintos is that it is an easy-to-use platform, the returns are great, and the fees are low.

Loan originators pre-fund the loans before selling them on the Mintos marketplace. The part that loan originators are investing in those loans is referred to as ‘skin in the game.’

Since there are so many loan originators and types on Mintos, it is easy to diversify your investments on just one platform. You can start investing with as little  as €10.

Mintos is not guaranteeing high returns in your portfolio, but Mintos is assuring its clients that their platforms are safe and funds are secure.

The platform is great to use, the returns are far better than other ways of investment, and  there are many diversification options.