Mintos Invest And Access Review -  12% Return 

Do you want to fully automate your passive income investments with Mintos? Mintos Invest & Access does exactly that  for you!

Let’s dive into the new product of Mintos and see what it is exactly and how you can use it for your portfolio.

What Is Mintos Invest & Access?

Mintos Invest and Access is the most recent feature of Mintos. It should make it super easy to invest and it will automatically diversify your loans.

Why Is Invest And Access So Innovative?

You don’t lock your money away for a long time. If you need your money sooner, you can click ‘Cash out’ and sell your investment at  any time.

What About The Interest Rate?

The interest rate currently advertised on Mintos Invest & Access at the moment of writing is 12%.

Mintos Invest And Access Is Easy To Use

You simply select the amount you want to invest and in less than a minute your portfolio is completely set up.

Easily Sell Your Loans

To guarantee high liquidity, you can sell your investments back to Mintos at any time.