20 Mint Alternatives [Free & Paid  Money Apps]


Mint is a great tool to take care of that. It is a budgeting tool that helps you manage your finances all in  one place.

Let’s discuss the different alternatives of Mint and their offered features that you may find helpful when it comes to creating a budget and achieving your  financial goals.

1. Personal Capital

2. Truebill Truebill is a multi-functional finance app for those who are looking for assistance with monitoring their expenses or managing their finances.

3. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

4. Tiller Money Tiller is also as popular as Mint but works differently than the other apps. It shows and organizes your full financial data in a spreadsheet which is automatically updated every day.

No matter what kind of budgeting you do, it’s much more in-depth and hands-on when there is a tool to help you manage your accounts, budget, bills, expenses, and money.