Minimalist Lifestyle – 7 Small Steps To Begin

The minimalist lifestyle sounded awesome to me; less clutter, less maintenance costs, less things to worry about, less less less!

In theory, being a minimalist sounds great, not having too much stuff to worry about and only keeping the necessities that you use. In practice, it’s harder to implement.

Get rid of the unnecessary stuff that you don’t completely love & you have some extra space in your mind to think about other things!

Minimalist Lifestyle – Less Worry

The more you embrace minimalism, the less time you have to spend on maintenance and cleaning.

Minimalist Lifestyle – Less Maintenance

You’ll only buy what truly brings you joy and that you really need. This basically means you will be buying less stuff.

Minimalist Lifestyle – Less Spending

Throwing out things would hurt in the beginning, but it would feel good afterward. However, staying on track would be the hard part.

Staying On Track